Employment Law Practice

Webster, Chamberlain & Bean advises and represents its clients in all facets of employment law. Typical matters include discrimination charges, employment policies and handbooks, internal investigations of employee complaints, reasonable accommodation issues, whistleblower claims, unpaid wage cases, overtime payment matters, wrongful discharge claims, and common law torts.

We emphasize preventive law, and in that regard regularly prepare, review, and update client personnel manuals. We also draft and review specific policies, such as harassment, whistleblower, and Internet use, and we monitor legal developments so that these client manuals and policies reflect the most current state of the ever-changing law in this area.

When a client is considering a termination or similar action, we work closely with the client to help ensure that the matter is accomplished in a manner that reduces or even eliminates the prospect of a resulting lawsuit, including through the use of liability waivers. If a discrimination or other claim or suit is brought against a client, we have extensive experience in defending such matters before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, State and local human rights agencies, as well as State and Federal courts.

We have a particular specialty in nonprofit executive employment agreements, representing both organizations and individual executives. Our representation includes drafting, reviewing, and negotiating executive employment agreements, as well as advising as to rights and responsibilities with respect to discharge from employment.

Finally, of course we are experts in employment matters unique to nonprofit organizations, such as harassment by volunteer leaders.

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