Copyright Law Practice

Clients seeking to protect their literary works, secure tests, software or any other form of creative expression against unauthorized exploitation value Webster, Chamberlain & Bean's guidance in the field of copyright. We regularly counsel clients on the availability and scope of copyright protection in the United States and in other countries and help our clients secure copyright protection for compilations of data, computer programs, textual works, audiovisual works and sound recordings.

Furthermore, WC&B assists its clients with the negotiation and drafting of licenses and releases for the use of third-party copyrighted materials such as photographs, textual works and computer programs. We enhance our clients' ability to enforce their copyrights through the registration of their works in the United States Copyright Office, and we assist clients in transactional matters including copyright assignments and agreements securing copyright in works commissioned from independent contractors.

Our staff includes Mr. John W. Hazard, Jr., an expert in the field of copyright law and author of Copyright Law in Business and Practice (West Publishing Company), a detailed explanatory treatise about the complex field of copyright law as it relates to all levels of copyrightable works, including those in the electronic and Internet realms.

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