Lobbying & Government Relations Law Practice

Webster, Chamberlain & Bean has provided clients with legislative representation for over 36 years.

Clients rely on us for our broad-based experience in the legislative and political arenas. The core strength of Webster, Chamberlain & Bean's legislative practice is its abilility to combine a deep, substantive knowledge of critical issues with political experience and a thorough understanding of the legislative process as well as communicating with legislators and their staff.

Our work on behalf of clients incorporates all aspects of legislative representation, including: drafting legislation, legislative history, and testimony; preparing witnesses for hearings; organizing and coordinating coalitions or groups with shared interests; developing constituent or grassroots support; monitoring legislative activities, including hearings and markups, advising clients regarding the status of legislation and anticipated legislative initiatives; analyzing legislative proposals; and developing and coordinating overall legislative strategy, tactics, and advocacy.

In addition, the firm advises clients regarding the underlying legal framework governing "lobbying" including compliance with the Lobbying Disclosure Act, gift rules and federal election laws; and lobbying administrative agencies. The firm's practice also involves setting up Section 501(c) and 527 organizations, as well as Political Action Committees (PAC's), and is often involved with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

Webster, Chamberlain & Bean tailors its services to the client's needs, both in terms of the level of representation desired and the organization's budget, for the benefit of its clients.

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